Friday, October 19, 2012

The Letter "C"

Today's Letter "C"

Today's photo is, well, a cup. I had a little trouble figuring out what starts with a C that I could take a picture of. Then it hit me, we have some cups with interesting colors. I decided to see if I could make a cup look at least a little interesting. So, I busted out the light and set up a little studio in the bedroom and started experimenting. I took a few different shots with the light at different angles and distances from the cup. I also tried different camera angles and focal lengths, as well as different depth of field. It is quite interesting, the different looks and feels you can get just by changing the lighting around. It really has a dramatic effect on how a subject looks. The final shot may not be interesting to a lot of people, but I like how the reflection from the light shows on part of the handle and on the back part of the rim. I also like the shadow that I got on the left side. It was fun and interesting to experiment with light. Enjoy!

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