Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Colors

It's that time of the year!! This is probably my favorite time of the year to get out and take pictures. Just look around, there are changing colors everywhere. Landscapes photography is great, especially when you add so many different colors into the mix. I've experienced fall in various areas around the world. I have to say that, although the Pacific Northwest doesn't have as many deciduous trees as other parts of the country, it does have some of the most beautiful fall scenery. On the east coast you can stand on the top of a hill (they would call them mountains out there) and see fall colors as far as the horizon goes, it's quite breathtaking. They are missing a couple things that make our neck of the woods stand out; huge scraggly rock peaks covered in snow and Evergreen trees mixed in with the awesome colors. This mixture of mountains, evergreens and chlorophyll deprived deciduous trees create some of the most spectacular fall landscapes in the country. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should pass up the opportunity to check out fall in other parts of the country. Fall in Colorado, and the rest of the Rockies, will also amaze you. And, although I've seen fall on the east coast, I have not made it as far north there as New Hampshire or Maine (someday). So, get out and enjoy the changing scenery, take a drive across the mountains on Highway 2 or Highway 20!!

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