Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well, it has been quite a while since I've posted anything on my blog. My wife Teri and I have been pretty busy with school, and then with our move to Montana. That's right, we have relocated and are now based in Kalispell, MT. We both love the area and are extremely excited to be here. Just 30 miles from the west entrance to Glacier National Park, this move should provide some spectacular photo making opportunities. Of course, that is when the snow melts and the park opens back up. Until then, I will have to wonder around the area and check out places where I can get to and create some photos.

This photo was made on the Swan River near Big Fork, MT. It didn't come without a price, though. I ended up with tore up leg after jumping off a rock and slipping into the river. Of course, I thought nothing of it until we got home a couple hours later and finally looked at it. It felt as if it were broke, but me being a stubborn man just kept on going like it didn't happen. As the days went by and the pain increased, I was finally forced to go have it looked at. I had woke up one morning and my leg was red and swollen from the knee down. As it turned out, I had and infection. So that brings me to the present, orders to park myself in a chair and elevate my leg along with choking down 6 giant antibiotic pills a day and it is finally getting better. Four days of not being able to do anything is worse than being strapped to a water board! I finally got out and wondered around the property where we live and took a few shots, but then it was back to elevating the leg. Ah, the price I pay to get the shot. I was told by my wonderful, awesome wife, Teri, that I am no longer aloud to jump off rocks (like that is going to happen). Anywhoo! It's not the greatest shot, but I sure did pay for it.

On a side note; I am working on a new website to replace my SmugMug site. I will debut it in the near future. You can see most of my work on my Facebook page in the mean time.

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