Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photographer Self Assignment

I have been doing some reading on various photography website, just learning all that I can. I have come across quite a number of photographers that give themselves photography assignments. This seems to be a good idea, as it forces one to get out and take pictures (as if I really need an excuse). Another benefit is that it keeps your mind thinking about what you want to take pictures of. One article I read offered several suggestions for self assignments. I figure that I should delve into this practice myself. 

The first self assignment I am taking on is what that article called the "Alphabet project". What this does is uses the alphabet to determine your subjects. Starting with the letter "A" and moving to the next letter every day until you have gone through the entire alphabet. So, starting today, my letter is "A". I chose to take a picture of an apple on the tree in our back yard. Tomorrow will be the letter "B", and the day after that will be "C", and so on. I suspect that this might get a little challenging to find things that start with every letter, so if you all have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Look for a new photo daily, as a big part of the self assignment concept is to post the photos on a regular schedule and get some feedback. Enjoy!

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