Monday, November 12, 2012

The "K"ennewick

Well, once again I had a terrible time figuring out what to shoot for the letter "K". When Teri and I decided to take a ferry ride to Port Townsend, it hit me. I knew there were a couple ferries that started with "K". I took a look and found that the ferry that runs from Port Townsend to Coupeville on Whidbey Island was named Kennewick. Perfect! I took some pretty good shots, as best as I could get with the crazy wind that was blowing that day. I cropped in supper close to get the name plate below the bridge, so forgive the not so nice picture of that, I just had to show the name (for proof).

The Kennewick is a pretty new ferry. It began its service in February of this year. It is one of the smaller ferries in the Washington Ferry system at 273' 8" long. It holds a max of 64 cars and 750 people. It has two engines making 3000 horsepower and pushes itself along at 16 knots (about 18.5 mph). Rumor has it (wikipedia), that the name Kennewick was suggested by a favorite actor of mine, Micheal J. Fox.

Kennewick is a word from the Yakima Indians Suhaptin, Plains dialect. The meaning, according to the Washington State Ferries website is “winter paradise; winter haven; grassy place; grassy slope”.

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